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Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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Dark Sword Online Catalog

All miniatures from Dark Sword are released in product lines, which are named after the artist, on whose artwork the miniatures are based upon. Browse through the Miniaturenland online catalog of Dark Sword miniatures to see, which items are available. Each miniature is displayed with pictures taken from several angles and additional information like the height with or without the base etc.

Are you looking for a miniature of a certain race or class, or with special arms and armor? Then try our unique Dark Sword Mini Finder to find the right miniature for your character.

This catalog contains details and pictures of all Dark Sword miniatures as well as an additional gallery for dioramas in the following categories:


Elmore Masterworks

The Elmore Masterworks line was the first and is still the most extensive product line of Dark Sword miniatures. You will find miniaturs of many different races and classes common in the fantasy genre in this line - giants as well as dragons, elves or thieves, druids, and bards. Above all, you will find a most excellent collection of female fighters and mages in this line. The miniatures where sculpted by Dennis Mize and Jeff Grace. Show all miniatures of this line.


Parkinson Masterworks

The Parkinson line contains a considerable number of miniatures as well, even though it is by far not as large as the Elmore Masterworks line. The miniatures where finely sculpted by Tom Meier and they feature a very special depth of detail which displays the fantastic artwork of Keith Parkinson extremely well. Show all miniatures of this line.


Caldwell Masterworks

Clyde Caldwell is one of the top-notch fantasy artists as well. Great miniatures have been released in this product line. They were sculpted by Dennis Mize. Show all miniatures of this line.


Visions in Fantasy

The Visions in Fantasy line contains a lot of miniatures especially well suited to embody adventurers in pen & paper fantasy role playing games. They are of the same quality as all the other Dark Sword miniatures. The miniatures of Gaël Goumon have been released in this product line as well as some smaller dragons. Show all miniatures of this line.


George R. R. Martin -

George R. R. Martins epic fantasy saga "A Song of Ice and Fire" is the setting for this miniature line which displays the protagonists of this bestseller. They've been sculpted by Tom Meier with a special depth of detail. Show all miniatures of this line.


Limited Edition

Some extraordinary figures are released as Limited Edition miniatures which deserve a very special place in any collection like the Ploogak frog king or the notorious Gringe Commander. Show all miniatures of this line.



In this category you will find more miniatures from the Dark Sword range like the great Easley Dragon set. Show all miniatures of this line.



On this special page we are displaying some beautiful scenes which can be accomplished by combining Dark Sword miniatures with terrain pieces. Our gallery shows a selection of some of the most beautiful dioramas and vignettes.


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Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany