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Miniaturenland is exclusive importer and distributor of Dark Sword (Darksword) Miniatures. Dark Sword is a manufacturer of premium miniatures for Tabletop- and role playing games. The miniatures are inspired by the great fantasy artists Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley. The figures are sculpted by Tom Meier, Dennis Mize and Dave Summers, the best sculptors around. Miniaturenland is the only importer in Germany distributes the miniatures to stores and ships to customers directly likewise.

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About Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc.

Darksword Miniatures


Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. is the company of Jim Ludwig and is located in Minnesota, USA. After just some years into the business of producing premium fantasy miniatures Dark Sword is one of the most reputable manufacturers. In its third year on stage the company won the Origins Award for producing the best miniature line of the year 2004 with the Elmore Dragons after being nominated even twice before.

Jim Ludwig's concept behind Dark Sword is to produce miniatures made by some of the best sculptors at all based upon artwork of some of the most famous fantasy artists. The miniatures have been sculpted by Dennis Mize, Tom Meier and Dave Summers and are inspired by the Art of Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, Clyde Caldwell and Jeff Easley - well knowned for being the "fab four" of TSR fantasy art. The result of this idea is a range of top-notch premium miniatures.

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...while browsing through our richly illustrated online catalog. We present all miniatures with a lot of details and information according to the lines in which they are released.

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with our most handy miniature search engine Mini Finder. Just select the characteristics of the desired figure in the menu and as a result you get a comfortable overview of all the Dark Sword miniatures that match the selected criteria. Thus, it's no problem to find the right miniature to your very role playing character since you get all fitting miniatures listed, e.g. all wizards with a staff or a female druid.

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If you are located in Europe you can buy all miniatures from the whole range of Dark Sword in our comfortable and self-explaining Online Store. Miniaturenland ships to all of Europe for a flat 8 Euro shipping fee, free shipping on all orders above 80 Euros.


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Miniaturenland - Official Distributor of Dark Sword Miniatures in Germany